Friday, July 29, 2011

OOTD; Richmond Night Market

Blouse, belt, and bracelet from Club Monaco; Jeans from H&M; Watch from Value Village; Necklace by Pyrrha; Bracelet by Chan Luu; Earrings and bag are my mothers; Shoes from Aldo;

Summer in Vancouver means the return of the Richmond Night Market; stalls open in the evening carrying goods important from Asia (some legal, most not) and while shopping is the focus, it's not why people really come.
The real reason? The food. My favourites include takoyaki (octopus), egg puffs, and (obviously) bubble tea.

These photos were taken by my friend Kelly in the fading light by the lot in Richmond where the Night Market takes place. That night I succumbed to $30 worth of 3D nail decals which will be worn with all the gyaru fervour I can muster (a lot).

More Seventies inspiration; I love blouses. They're just so much simpler and classic than a t shirt. I promise the nest outfit will be a little something different than all these flares.

On another note, my face hurts; I had my wisdom teeth about two days ago and my god, am I ever swollen. I gasped when I saw myself the day after my surgery; I have quite a shapely face, if I do say so myself, and my cheek bones are quite prominent. They're gone, replaced with chipmunk cheeks. My sister laughed when she saw my grotesque visage and my aunt sighed
"Oh dear."

No youtube videos until I am healed!


Thursday, July 21, 2011

OOTD; Seventies Revival

Top from True Value Vintage; Jeans from H&M; Belt from Zara; Clutch from H&M; Earrings were a gift from my dad; Bracelets by Tarina Tarantino; Sunglasses by Ray-Ban; Shoes from Aldo;

I swear I'll get back to this blogging business.

I was recently told to take a 'leave of absence' from my job. What this means is I was fired for being too sassy, without severance. Then told I was welcome to come back in the school year, as I was the best sales person they had. No lie, I can hustle jewellery like nobody's business.

Don't worry, I'm not sad; I was going to quit the same day. I'm serious, no sour grapes.
Anyways, I thought it appropriate to have a going away dinner for myself with my coworkers; they really are the sweetest group of girls, and the most drama free sale staff you could ever wish to find.

I've been on a seventies kick recently; when talking about my favourite style decades with a friend, I claimed the fifties were my favourite, until she countered that I often look more seventies. I kind of do.
So I take back my above statement; the fifties, seventies, and the current decade are my favourite fashionable periods.

What do I like about the modern era? You can get away with shit like this.

The three bracelets I'm wearing are the nude, hot pink, and black version of the famous Tarina Tarantino lucite skull bracelets. When I bought my black one, the last one I bought, I told my friend I'd wear them all together. She judged, but it's so gaudy I can't not. Their eyes are crystals!

The blouse, shoes, and jeans are from this Youtube haul video; I have some more videos planned, so if you're into the whole Youtube thing, get up on that subscribe button.

All righty, I must sign off.
I'm postin this in the wee hours, though I cannot go to sleep after; tomorrow morning I am giving my friend a make-over (after she's lost twenty pounds!!!).
I'm thinking conservative pin-up girl meets The Big Bang Theory's Sheldon. You'd agree with me if you knew her.