Tuesday, June 8, 2010

OOTD; West Vancouver + DS Ramblings

Tank top from H&M; Black blazer by Only; Black leggings from American Apparel;
Pyramid Studs by Mimi And Marge; Earrings by Alexis Bittar; Neckalces by Alexis Bittar and Pyrrah;
Bracelets by Chan Luu and Humanity; Black flats from Aldo;

Long time no OOTD. Time to remedy that.
I wore this to work in the company I work for’s West Vancouver location. So I had to look classy on the outside and dead on the inside to fit in, naturally. Jaykay, I don’t hate you, West Van.

I chickened out in buying a Nintendo DS this day. By the time I post this, hopefully I will have bought one.
I didn’t know how expensive they were; I assumed that since they’d been out for a while they’d be about $80 or something, but alas, it’s like $120 - $140. Plus then I have to buy Pokemon Heart Gold, obviously.
I think I’ll justify it by saying that I need it for the many plane rides between Vancouver and Toronto that I am about to experience.

I’ll be working a lot at the West Vancouver location, which I actually don’t mind; I love the girls there and I like going to a new environment. It’s almost like a vacation, but it’s still work, if that makes any sense.

Oh, and do you love the hipsterness of the tank top? I bought it, then announced the next day to my coworkers that I’d bought the most hipster top in life.
They did not disagree.

Nails of the day was another gradient, which elicited many complements from my customers, as well as a woman stroking my hand. So uncomfortable
I used ‘Done Out In Deco’, ‘Parlez-Vous OPI?’, and the famed ‘Lincoln Park After Midnight’ all by OPI. I decided to leave out my other sparkly purples and keep it all creams to give it some kind of consistency.

Hopefully I’ll get some MovieRaves up soon, since there’s a couple that you need to see.

What colour DS should I get?


P.S. ‘True Blood’ starts soon. So fucking excited, I can’t even…

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