Thursday, June 23, 2011

OOTD; Happy Gyaru Costco Time

Sweater from H&M; Maxi dess from H&M; Necklace by Pyrrha;

Long time no OOTD. Maxi dresses are the new Minieggs, I just can't get enough. My style has evolved tremendously since I last posted, as moving from your birthplace to the big city, then consequently moving back to aforementioned birthplace. I'm much less 'hipster/punk' and more 'bohemian/ladies who lunch'. It's a tricky balance.

This was quite a casual outfit, inspired by the picture on the bottom right of this Egg magazine scan, specifically the Gyaru model on the left.

I just went to Costco avec ma mere. I need to be comfortable when manoeuvring my cart through the throngs over stereotypical, middle-aged white people who look like they're related to me and the adult Chinese children taking their parents shopping as their version of a family outing, but with savings! Regardless of race, those baby boomers will cut me off in a second; they're probably jealous of my youth.

As you may have noticed, I included a song at the beginning.
New transistion; no more GleeTips, StylePoints, or MixCasettes. just wasn't into them anymore. Who am I, a university drop-out, to tell you how to live your life? And my friend pointed out to e that five songs a week were monotonous. So, I want to use this blog as almost exclusively outfits of the day, with a song post at the beginning I think you should hear. I will occasionally post articles (as I like to write) and I'm thinking about doing a monthly feature on films (as that's something I know a bit about).

Does this morally offend anyone? Will you still read my blog if it consists of outfits of the day, nails of the day, faces of the day, the occasional article, and maybe my ramblings on the latest films? Leave a comment and let me know.

Oh, and of course there will be Elsie.



  1. In no way would it offend me, personally, but I rather liked the GleeTips and MixCassettes. I'm going to miss your hipster-ness, though. :(

  2. I'm done with hipster; there's enough of it on Tumblr.
    Thank you for reading; hopefully you still like what I wear. I imagine some form of hipster touch will still be evident ;D