Saturday, August 20, 2011

OOTD; Dog Walking Days Of Summer

Top by Wilfred; Jeggings from H&M; Sunglasses by Ray-Ban; Necklace by Pyrrha; Shoes by Vans;

I know I haven't been around the world nor seen it all, but some days I feel like I have.

Someone once, ironically, asked me what I wore to walk the dog since I'm so dressed up most the time. Well, here it is: a button-up and jeggings. I wore a bit or 'Peach Petal' lipgloss by Revlon but it had rubbed off by the time I took these photos. I should do a proper review of Revlon lipglosses; they're amazing. Non-sticky, pigmented, beautiful. 'Peach Petal' gives the perfect nude lip.
I've bought five new lipglosses in the past couple months. Am I a new convert?

If anyone is wondering about Elsie, and I know you are, she is a leonberger.

I'm not affiliated with Animal Planet or anything (obvs). Everyone is curious about our gentile giant; as my mom put it,
"It's like walking a celebrity."
Even if you're not interested, the video shows puppies trying to get over a fence and getting stuck! So cute.

I know not the most interesting post in the word, but some days a girl just wants to walk her dog.



  1. It's actually a really cute outfit! And I love your Vans. ;)
    Elsie = love <3

  2. Thank you.
    I shall inform Elsie of your complement.