Saturday, October 15, 2011

OOTD; And I Go Back To..... Magenta

Top from Primark; Sweater, Jeggings, and Fur from H&M; Bracelets by Chan Luu and Tarina Tarantino; Studs by Mimi And Marge; Ring by Rings Eclectic;

'Morningstar' will forever be a favourite of mine.

So, after a journey to Surrey for supplies, two strippings, two bleaches, two dyings, six showers, and only one towel coming into contact with chemicals, I've gone from black to magenta! In a perfect world I'd like a light pink, bubblegum if you will, but we couldn't strip/bleach out all the black dye from the tips of my hair so magenta will have to suffice.
I really love being an unnatural colour again. A part of me will always be that little punk girl with the dyed hair and piercings in high school, even if I feel like I've moved on a little bit.
I'd love to do a Raquel Reed-esque turquoise, but the black bits will have to grow out first. Lucky for me, my natural hair takes bleach extremely well; my roots went white and my friend (who is a blonde) proclaimed that her hair hadn't even gone that light when she'd bleached it.

I didn't go to a salon to have this done; a close friend of mine told me that she knew what she was doing, so we headed down to the only beauty supply store we could find that didn't require a licence to shop there (in *shudder* Surrey) and I trusted her to not let my hair fall out. It didn't; she did a better job then the some of the salons I've been too. Official hair dyer fo life.

When paired with my leather combat boots (which apparently I've never posted about on this blog...) or a pair of heeled ankle boots, this has become my go-to uni outfit. It's comfortable and warm, and I'm still better dressed than almost everyone else there v____v

Tomorrow I am picking up, wait for it.....
My first pair. I got grey ones. Now I can officially be a member of 2NE1.


P.S. I was going through my pictures and found some of baby Elsie. This one was taken December 1st, 2007. She was not even nine weeks.
I can't believe she was ever that small...


  1. So pretty!

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    ox from NYC!


  2. I love love love your hair!
    This color suits you perfectly! :)

  3. i love your hair color. bold and chic!