Saturday, August 14, 2010

OOTD; Blind Friend Date

Top from Primark; Blazer by Only; Jean cutoffs from American Eagle;
Lace tights from H&M; Toque from H&M; Clutch from H&M;
Shoes from Aldo; Necklaces by Pyrrha; Bracelet by Chan Luu;
Rings from H&M/Topshop/Mimi & Marge/The Richmond Night market/My mom;

'Colour So Hot It Berns'; 'Foxy';
By OPI and China Glaze

A few weeks ago, my manager mentioned that at our store’s Burnaby location another girl was going to the same university as me in September. Different program, but still, another Vancouver girl at the same school.
She gave her my number and, after some semi-awkward texting, I bit the bullet and invited her out for coffee.
A blind friend date, if you will.

I’m the type of person that either I click with you, or I have absolutely no idea how to talk to you. So this meet-up could have potentially been one of my worst ideas ever.
Luckily it was not.
She was super cool and really chill. We’re actually staying in the same building next year too, so I’ll at least know someone.

Anyway, for the outfit I went all out hipster; I need practice for Toronto.

Not the best picture, but I thought it looked cool.
Nails Of The Day are a combination of ‘Colour So Hot It Berns’ by OPI, and ‘Foxy’ by China Glaze on the ring fingers.
It’s an OK look, not as cool as my last one. They’re both good colours though; I wasn’t blown away by either, but I’m glad to have them in my collection and I’ll defiantly wear them both often.

What are you thinking of the Fall nail polish collections? Love or hate? Or just like them OK?


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