Wednesday, August 11, 2010

OOTD; Couldn't Pick A Favourite 'Arrested Deveolpement' Quote

Top from H&M; Jean cutoffs from American Eagle; Tights form American Apparel;
Hat from Urban Outfitters; Clutch from H&M; Bracelets by Humanity/Club Monaco;
Necklaces from Pyrrah/Topshop/my mom; RayBans; Converse;

'Waters Edge'; 'You Don't Know Jacques';
By L'Oreal Paris and OPI

I hate my hair right now, thus my hipster fedora, which I bought two years ago at the height of the fedora phase.

This was taken last week after I went to get sushi with a friend.
She goes to Emily Carr, and was wearing a bright blue pencil skirt, so together we were quite the pair. Then we went back to my house and discussed life and nail polish, then watched two episodes of Arrested Development, which she’d never watched before. Needless to say she’s downloading all three seasons now.

I’ve started mixing gold and silver together lately; the middle necklace, the jade eye, was my stand by forever. My mom gave it to me one Valentine’s Day and I believe it brings me luck and love.
But now I mostly wear my Pyrrha seals, which are silver. Dilemma.

When I was in New York I bought the clock charm at Topshop, hoping I could pair it with my jade eye.
I’ve always been a ‘don’t mix your metals’ type of person, but that’s a bit outdated, isn’t it? I mean, I would never waer an earring and necklace set together, why hold on to another old jewellery rule?

Anyway, I like how those three necklaces look together.
It’s time to start getting crazy.

I really love the nails I had that week. It’s ‘Waters Edge’ by L’Oreal Paris, and ‘You Don’t Know Jacques’ by OPI.
I decided not to do alternating, but two and two fingers. My mom hated it, but I think it looked really cool and modern.

Getting my hair cut tomorrow! I’m so nervous. I know that’s a stupid thing to be nervous about, but I freak out every time I get my hair cut.
I’m too lame.



  1. oh i love everything about this post! those necklaces are amazing! like how you've layered them!

    Come by for a visit or follow?!

    x Your Only Blackswan

  2. Aw, you're super cute!
    I love those eBay boots you got.