Monday, March 22, 2010


~ Sleep with a stuffed animal in your bed.
Sidenote; I'm thinking about one of the big Quatchi dolls, since they're on sale. it's only $20, but I definitely don't need it. Should I get one?

~ Wear no make-up, or, if you never wear make-up, wear make-up. Just switch up whatever you do for a day.

~ Make popsicles. I always liked cherry or grape Kool-Aid for this, but if you want to be lame, you can use apple juice. Jaykay, apple juice popsicles are good too. But not as good as Kool-Aid ones.

~ Create your own Starbucks drink by adding more shots, less, flavours etc. You'll probably annoy the barista (I worked in a coffee shop, I know this) but maybe you'll discover your drink. Try a French vanilla caramel machiatto, or a chocolate frappacino with half a shot of strawberry (I had a full shot and it was too much, but whatever floats your boat).

~ Create a playlist specifically for when you're doing housework and sing along to every word. You can do this alone or with your roommate. Not gonna lie, I have to do this soon; I literally can't see the floor in my room. It's gotten to that point.



  1. You should definately get the Quatchi doll! Fabulous!

  2. Haha, I did!
    I went out to them movies after I bought him, so I looked crazy with a huge Quatchi stuffed in a bag.
    Oh well.