Wednesday, March 24, 2010

OOTD; Neutral And Nautical

_ Striped top from H&M
_ Neutral skirt from H&M
_ Black tights from American Apparel (finally bought new ones)
_ Necklace by Pyrrah
_ Studs by Juicy Couture
_ Cameo ring by Tarina Tarantino
_ Glasses by Gucci
_ Black flats from Aldo

Average work attire ftw.
My manager wore a striped top and had the same colour nails as me, so we matched. The general manager came in and commented on it. She thought it was cute.
Anyway, I love the new blush colours this season; you don't need to tell me twice to wear neutrals.

This is my favourite way of wearing my hair lately; Japanese girls always put their hair in a bun on top of their head, so everyone keeps asking me if I'm a mix. My nose gives my Caucasian-ness away, though.
Anyway, I point that out because Sunday I'm chopping all my hair off. I'm scared, but excited.

So as you may know, it was my birthday this month; the girls I work with bought me these Juicy Couture studs.

They know my penchant for studs too well.

I bought myself another Pyrrah seal on my birthday, since I was working downtown.
It reads 'Such Is Life' and it's a picture of a ship.

I think 'such is life' sums up my views on life. Plus I love Pyrrah. I think I'm going to get another one soon....

I know. I have pastel nails. This is Pandamonium Pink from OPI's Hong Kong collection (I now have four polishes from that collection -_- ). I've been getting complements on it, but I still love dark nails.
I was telling my manager that I have to paint my nails dark green or blue after I take this pink off.
It's a nice change, but not as 'me' as Suzi Skies In The Pyrenees or Russian Navy.

So what have I been up to as of late? Besides wearing this sweater, jeans, Converse and the infamous leather jacket every single day I've had off for the past couple months (I'm not exaggerating)?
Today I had my first successful shopping trip in forever; I've been out three times already trying to spend my birthday money.
I even brought friends along to try and force myself to buy something, yet nothing was purchased.
I only bought two tops, a toque, and an amazing red rose dress from H&M, and then a skin-toned scarf from Le Chateau, but it was better than I've been doing lately.
I'm too excited for that dress; since I was downtown, I popped into the shop I work at to show the other girls. I think two of them are going to buy.
I'll lol if we all show up to work wearing the same dress.

What did you buy yourself for your birthday?
Put it in the comments.


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