Saturday, March 27, 2010

MovieRave; 'Lars And The Real Girl'

You know that movie you wait forever to see? For some reason or another, you just never follow through with going to the theatre, taping it on TV, or renting it from the video store?
'Lars And The Real Girl' was my movie like that.
Finally, I strolled on down to the library and decided to rent it.

This is a romantic movie for those of us (ME!) that hate the 'rom-com' genre.

The film takes place in a small town (I like to think it's a Canadian town, since Ryan Gosling is Canadian); the central character, Lars, lives in his brother's garage. He gets up, goes to his job, and spends the rest of his time alone, despite his sister-in-law's frequent attempts at inviting him over for dinner.
It's not like he has to be alone; people like, girls are interested in him, and he has a great family. He just wants to be alone.

Until he meets 'Bianca'.

She's a sex doll Lars has ordered online; he's created a made-up life for her, and legitimately sees her as a real person. Lars' family is instructed by his psychiatrist to go along with it, and eventually the whole town get's into it.

I wouldn't call 'Lars And The Real Girl' one of the best movies I'd ever seen, but it's undeniably sweet and heartfelt, with its 'teddy bear CPR' scene being, in my opinion, on the of the cutest moments in cinema history.

This film will make you cry, and it will make you cry over a sex doll; the film succeeds by showing the perils of the average relationship, despite how unusual the relationships it portrays are.
It dives deep into Lars' head to explain why he feels the need to create a love interest in his life, but don't we all dream of the thing we feel we're missing?

Overall, if you feel like romance, tears, and the hotness of Ryan Gosling is your thing, I recommend 'Lars And The Real Girl'.
The go watch 'Guys And Dolls', the documentary of real life men with the same infatuation as Lars.

(But not the creepy kind)

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