Saturday, May 15, 2010

MovieRave; The Secret In Their Eyes

This has been long overdue; a couple weeks ago I went to see the film that won ‘Best Foreign Film’ at this year’s Oscars, Argentina’s ‘The Secret In Their Eyes’.

The story is set in Buenos Aires in 1999, but flashes back to the 1970s; Benjamín Esposito is a retired justice official who is writing a novel about a specific case he worked on dealing with the rape and murder of a young girl.
He visits his old boss and the husband of the young woman and tries to make sense of the thirty year old case, and come to terms with his love for his boss.

In the flashbacks, we see Esposito unsatisfied with the two construction workers being tried for the rape and murder, and he knows that they are only being used as a scapegoat. As he gets to know the young woman’s husband, he begins to look through her life and sees within old photographs that one of the women’s old friends doesn’t look right in the eyes.

That’s an awful summary, I know, but there’s no way to say anything without spoiling the entire movie.
I will say this; you need to see it.

So many scenes tugged at the heartstrings; Morales, the husband, waiting at the train station everyday to find his wife’s killer, the turning over of the photographs, ‘TE MO’ becoming ‘TE AMO’ because, remember, the ‘a’ on the typewriter never worked.

Despite the heart warming moments, the end is plain disturbing, yet a relief, if that makes any sense.

I know this is a lacklustre review, but there are so many twists and surprises in this film that any resemblance of a synopsis would be covered in spoilers.

One more reason to see this film?
You’ll never guess the ending. I promise you.



  1. True... the end is disturbing...

    And Sandoval was so funny and cute X3 _(I got to say it)

  2. I still love Morales.

    And he was <3
    Despite being a drunk...