Tuesday, May 4, 2010

OOTD + MovieRave; Kick Ass

Grey sweater from H&M; Nude skirt from Zara; Black tights from American Apparel;
Black beret from H&M; Necklace by Pyrrah; Bracelets by Humanity and Chan Luu;
Rainbow studs by Juicy Couture; Ankle boots from Spring; 'A Oui Bit Of Red' nail polish by OPI;

I was unsure about adding the beret to this look, but it was just too plain without it.
I felt very French shop girl in this outfit, which is appropriate since I’m a Canadian shop girl.

Since I felt so French, this polish was a good choice. It's 'A Oui Bit Of Red' from OPI's France collection, naturally.

When I get the opening shift I’m off at six, so I usually call someone to see if they want to get dinner or see a movie.
Unfortunately, no one wanted to see
‘Chloe’, so ‘Kick Ass’ was chosen instead.

SideNote; Did you know that at Scotiabank theatres you get a free medium drink and popcorn with your admission?
Totally didn’t know that and bought tons of food at T And T. Oh well. Now I just have lots of strawberry Pockey. Which is never a bad thing.

Anyway, ‘Kick Ass’.

Loved it. And I totally didn’t think I would.
I wasn’t sure what to expect; some trailers billed it as a comedy, others as an adventure. ‘Kick Ass’ was both, but with twists of drama thrown in.

The film’s about a geeky high school kid who decides to ‘fight crime’ in New York. One of his victories is put on Youtube and he becomes an overnight sensation, and life’s awesome. Until he realizes that there are real bad guys (with guns) out there, along with something even scarier, real super heroes.

One of the things I really liked about the plot was how they didn’t portray Kick Ass, or Dave, as invincible or an anything more than the average teenager. He can’t kill anyone, he doesn’t have any weapons, but he can get stabbed. A lot of superhero movies fail because the hero immediately becomes invincible, but ‘Kick Ass’ succeeds because we watch him struggle to fight crime.

If that doesn’t convince you, see this movie for the cinematography; it was shot beautifully. The camera angles mirror a comic book (which the movie is based on), and during fight scenes we are able to see exactly what the character sees, including every punch thrown their way.
Need another reason? The soundtrack.
Listen to the theme. I love Mika.

The cast is pretty solid, complete with a creepy Nick Cage and thirteen year old Chloe Moritz, who I really hope we see more of. The main guy was cute (almost too cute to be a social outcast, Hollywood) and McLovin was in it. I find his so endearing. Don't know why.

Basically? See this movie; it was comedic, dark, colourful, and action packed. And that’s coming form someone who hates action movies.


P.S. LOL at me trying to find a good place to take pictures in my house. Having said that, I like the ceiling of my basement, and the floor of my kitchen. Very nice for some dimension, or a head ache.

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