Tuesday, July 20, 2010

NOTD; The First Installment Of Crazy Nails

'Pandamonium Pink'; 'Done Out In Deco'; 'What's With The Cattitude?';
'Who The Shrek Are You?'; 'Gargantuan Green Grape';
All by OPI

And so it begins.
The other day I pledged that for the rest of the summer, I was not going to do simple one colour manicures. No, my friend, it’s time for me to get creative.

I like how this turned out, but I should have used a pale yellow instead of ‘Who the Shrek Are You?’.
Sadly, I do not own one.

My other news? I will no longer be on the cusp of eye disease!

My mom and I bought matching Ray-Bans (She got black, I got tortoise shell), in her attempt to make me care about my ocular health. They’re like the ones I previously wore, but less oversized and more functional.

So basically I’m even more hipster than I was before.

And in the coming weeks I will become steadily more hipster; I’m getting new, bigger glasses. I’ve had the ones I wear since ninth grade, and it’s pretty much time. But I still have the same prescription, so I can still wear my black ones.
The new ones are YSL, and either tortoise shell or ‘walnut’, which is basically wood grain, but cooler than that sounds. I haven’t decided on what colour I want yet.

Do you think glasses are attractive on yourself, on others, etc. ?
I kind of do on others and a little bit myself, though I plan to get Lasik as soon as possible. I know how annoying they are, so I can’t look at someone and be think that they’re so much better off with glasses.
I think they’re good for casual looks, but you can’t really wear elaborate eye shadow or dangly earrings with them.


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