Thursday, July 15, 2010

OOTD; Typical Summer Work Attire

Tank top from H&M; Skirt from Zara; Toque from H&M;
Tights from American Apparel; Necklaces by Pyrrha; Flats from Aldo;
'Pandamonium Pink' nail polish by OPI;

Even in the summer, toques and black tights reign supreme.
I probably show so much bra at work. Oh well.

What do you think of nail art/crazy coloured nails?
I was going to post this earlier but Fuck Yeah Pretty Nails distracted me. I think at times it can look trashy, but the girls on this tumblr do it amazingly. Especially her.

My goal for this summer is to paint my nails different colours. As in on one hand.
So no more colour manicures for me.


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