Sunday, August 9, 2009

New Beginnings, In The Midst of A Recession

Well, I did it.

I quit my job.

I worked in a café for the past thirteen months, for those not in the know. There wasn't anything wrong with it; it was the typical first job, yet slighly elevated, as I didn't loathe it with all my being. I even enjoyed myself at times, despite the craziness of, well, I don't want to call anyone out on this blog, lest it get back to them. That is probably the first smart bussiness move I've ever made.

Anyway, thirteen months is a long time for someone as young as myself. I need something new. Something that will somewhat propel me into the fashion world. It's as an employee of mine said,

"You're never going to go anywhere working here."

She is right.

So here I am, unemployed during a 'recession', though technically it's over in Canada at this point, not that we were hit very hard at all. I think fall is a better time to find work, as all the college and university kids have cleared out for another year.

So I'm back, world; no job, no plans for education.

And this time, with not one responsibility in the world.

But on to what I hope this blog will become, a style blog.

Today I woke up at seven in the morning (-_-) to be at work at eight (-_-) and threw on my uniform t shirt and jeans, brushed on some mascara, and pulled my hair back, though that's how I normally wear my hair. But later on tonight I went to dinner with my dad, so I had to wear something more that coffee coated jeans.

~ Striped top from H&M

~ Pleather jacket for New (Some chain of stores in London)Vintage scarf

~ Gray Cheap Monday skinny jeans

~ Leather ankle boots from Spring (My favourites)

~ Cameo ring by Tarina Tarantino

~ Glasses by Gucci

Sorry for the picture quality. I need to think of a new place to take photos and/or find better lighting. This outfit was nothing special, but I liked it. If I don't know what to wear, I wear jeans, some kind of top, a pleather jacket, scarf, black converse of ankle boots, and lots of rings. It's kind of my uniform in the fall, before I need a warmer coat.

Later on this week I'm helping out with a fashion show taking place on Granville Island, and I haven't decided what I'll wear to that. Or more importantly, how to do my make-up, since I'll have to be comfortable while I'm dressing the models backstage.

Tonight I'm going to shower and watch the latest episode of True Blood. I'm too obsessed with that show, but I need something while LOST isn't on. You'll know when LOST is on, as that'll be the only thing I'm talking/thinking about. Those who watch know what I mean.

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