Monday, August 24, 2009

MovieReview; 'Let The Right One In'

Confession: I don't think vampires ever went out of style.

(I typed 'vampies' instead of 'vampires' when I wrote this at first. That's kind of cute I think.)

I know everyone is all "Twilight, True Blood etc." I know 'The Vampire Diaries' is the latest vampy instalment.
But remember 'Interview With A Vampire'? 'The Lost Boys'? 'Buffy'? Hell, even 'Forgetting Sarah Marshall', one of my favourite movies of all time, had a vampire moment.

(Btw, see 'Forgetting Sarah Marshall'. I promise you you'll laugh out loud. Or at least watch this.)

'Let The Right One In' is a Swedish movie from 2008.

It's the story of a young boy named Oskar, living in Sweden. He's constantly bullied by his peers, yet he's too afraid to stick up for himself. He meets a young girl names Eli whom he befriends, despite the fact that she only comes out at night, is unaffected by weather, can't eat food etc. etc. (You know where this is going.)
The movie revolves around their relationship, and the harsh realities Eli has to face. She can only stay in a town for so long until people start to wonder why people are dying, obvs.

Since this is a European film, the Hollywood clich├ęs aren't necessarily there, which is a nice change in a movie regarding children. I first watched this film with eight of my friends, all girls, who's movie tastes range from mine (I mostly agree with the critics) to the typical teenage girl tastes, and this movie had scenes that shut us all up. All of us enjoyed this film, and we all cared about poor little Oskar and Eli.

Yes, this movie is in Swedish, so yes there will be subtitles. I don't get people's aversion to them personally; I put subtitles on even if the movie's in English. That way my friends and I can talk and not miss stuff. It's a sweet deal.


I didn't give this movie a five, jut because it didn't make me cry, but it's one movie I know years from now I'll still love watching. In fact, I watched it with my parents the other night, and two of the friends who were in Europe are coming over Thursday to see it.
The movie's haunting, beautiful, disturbing, and romantic. It'll please action fans, romance fans, horror fans, everyone.

And no, none of the vampires in this movie sparkle.


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