Sunday, October 4, 2009

OOTD; New Frames? 'Milk'?

_ Top by Matthew Williamson for H&M
_ Cardigan from Forever 21
_ Jeans from Mavi
_ Belt from Primark
_ Boots from Spring
_ Glasses by Gucci
_ 'Royal Rajah Ruby' nail polish by OPI

It was a 'not looking at the camera' day.

I went to the optometrist for the first time in forever yesterday.
Guess what! I'm a candidate for laser eye surgery!
But oh no! They want me to wait until I've finished two years of university before going under the laser =(
Something about the intense textbook reading being bad for your eyes.

I love my optometrist; he looks like a normal guy, Caucasian, grey hair, kind eyes, but he's so quiet and well mannered.
I hated my first optometrist with a passion; she was this bitch who never listened to me. When I was fourteen and first starting wearing contacts, I always had trouble with my left eye being too sensitive for them. The stupid woman asked me which eye bothered me, and I pointed to my left eye.
She writes down 'right'. Because it was her right.
Being too young to want to tell an adult she's wrong, I concluded that I must have not read her handwriting properly. I go back a few months later and she asks me how my right eye is.
When I tried to tell her it was my left eye that was bothering me, she rolls her eyes at me and tells me that my file says 'right eye' so I just must be stupid, trying to make her job harder, etc.

God, I hated that bitch.
But I love my current optometrist.

Anyway, I'm also going to get new frames soon; I've had these Gucci's since November/December of grade nine, and my mom keeps telling me it's time I get new ones.
I like these glasses though; I'm not sure what I would get to replace them.
I was thinking about maybe something like Dan Levy's?

I wanted white frames for a while, but my mom refused to pay for them. She said they were too ugly.

My current nail polish is 'Royal Rajah Ruby' by OPI, from the India Collection. This is the only India Collection polish I own.

I forgot how brown it is. I like it, but I'd like it more if it were black with an intense red shimmer, instead of burned brown with a bit of red. It's still very pretty, though.

Does anyone know what the next OPI collection is going to be? I haven't heard anything after Spain. I wish they'd redo a Canadian Collection; I think they missed an opportunity with the basic one they did. It was just boring.

I watched 'Milk' last night.

I was really moved by it; it got a bit slow towards the end, but I cried at his "Give them hope!" speech.
I'm not a huge fan of Sean Penn, but I love Emile Hirsch and Josh Brolin.
And James Franco after 'Pineapple Express'.

Was there a movie that completely changed your opinion of an actor, for better or worse?
I never liked Will Ferrel, even refusing to watch his movies. Then my friend made me, and I mean made me, watch 'Anchorman: The Legend Of Ron Burgundy' with her.
It's one of my all time favourite movies.
Mila Kunis in 'Forgetting Sarah Marshall' is another one; I can't stand 'That 70's Show' (and I've given it enough chance; the same friend forced me to watch hours upon hours of the show. I laughed once. The scene where Topher Grace and Joseph Gordon-Levitt are in the car together. But mostly because that one caught me off guard) but Mila Kunis herself is quite funny. When she's not having to deal with Wilmer Valderama.

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