Wednesday, September 30, 2009

OOTD; As Conservative As I Can Get (Part II)

_ Black dress from Jacob
_ Gray coat from H&M
_ Red tights from American Apparel
_ Ankle boots from Spring
_ Black men's laptop bag from H&M
_ Black iPod Classic

More job hunting.
It absolutely poured yesterday; my boots soaked through, and they're for the most part water-proof. I haven't been out in a rainstorm that bad in awhile, and all of Robson Street was running for cover.
After I got home and changed into the same lazy day outfit that I wore in this post, my friend came over and we watched TV, made grilled cheese sandwiches, and played Scene-It. We were nowhere near as good at regular Scene-it than Harry Potter Scene-It.
I realize I never talked about the big HP Scene-It party I had a few weeks back, bit it's probably for the better.
You'd all judge me if you saw how much Harry Potter trivia I knew v_v

Elsie makes a cameo in those photos; when I put the camera on self timer, she kept going up to it and sniffing. I guess she saw the blinking light, and that kind of freaked her out.

I got 'The Listening' by Lights right after I wrote that blog post, and I really like it.
It's not too new, since I had about six of her songs off the album already, but 'Face Up' and 'Quiet' are amazing.

Are you a power dressing kind of person? Meaning do you like suits, blazers, heels, trenches, the whole professional look?

I do, which may surprise some people, especially people who knew me when i had my pink/purple hair. Wearing what I wore yesterday just makes me feel older, and more powerful.
I hate looking my age.


P.S. Watch/comment my video on youtube to be the next MuchMusic VJ!

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