Wednesday, December 16, 2009

Inspiration; Christmas Wishes

True Story;
When I was really little, and the internet was yet to be wildly in use, my Dad had a tiny little computer that was one of the few connected to the world wide web. Every Christmas, my dad would use this crazy new invention called 'email' and mail my sister and my wishlists to Santa up at the North pole.
Maybe not the most traditional holiday memory, but it's what we did.
To this day I still write a Christmas list every year and magnet it to the fridge.

Yes, it's a bit selfish and presumptuous, listing out the material things you want and expecting people to buy them for you, but why should kids have all the fun?

My inspiration for you all is to write out a Christmas list and stick it to your fridge; it can be materialistic, or selfless, or it can just be wishing for a happy and safe new year. Whatever.
But the material ones are more fun.

Madison’s Christmas List 2009

1) Set of Sigma Eye Brushes

2) MAC Lipsticks

Vegas Volt
Film Noir

3) ‘The Teen Vogue Handbook’ by Teen Vogue

4) ‘That Extra Half An Inch’ by Victoria Beckham

5) 'The Sartorialist' by Scott Schuman

6) 'Stripteese' by Dita Von Teese

7) Rain By Marc Jacobs

8) Make-up bag from Sephora

9) Giftcards

10) Marc Jacobs wallet in black, red, or dark purple

11) Milk Chocolate Terry’s Chocolate Oranges!


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