Tuesday, April 27, 2010

OOTD; BBTB + The Biggest News I've Ever Received

Grey henley from H&M; Grey jeans by Cheap Monday; Leather jacket from New Look;
Aqua (That's the colour I'm calling it) scarf from Le Chateau; Ring by Alexis Bittar; Earrings by La Vie Parisienne;
Black flats from Aldo; Brown leather bag from H&M (The one I never take pictures of); 'Go On Green' nail polish by OPI (Didn't do a NOTD on it, sorry!);

BBTB stand for ‘bubble tea buddies’, just so you know.
My friend and I celebrated the end of her first year at Emily Carr by drinking bubble tea, walking in the rain, and gossiping. I had strawberry green tea if you’re curious, and it was delicious.

I’m so excited; all of my friends are getting out of university so we can finally hang out! Before it was all exams, cramming, and not being able to hang downtown after work with me.
It’s hard when you’re working, but all your friends are off at university. I mean, except for the advantage of being able to afford more than they can, but then again you always feel a bit guilty when you get Starbucks and the get Tim Hortons. But I digress…

Speaking of spending money, I’ve got a bit of a haul, including the aqua scarf pictured above (Le Chateau has dozens of colours, and all for $15!), a new pair of black flats, and some earrings I’ve been lusting over for months.

I needed a new pair of black flats, plain and simple, and these were only $45, ergo, I needed them. I like them a lot more than my other flats actually; I think it’s the pointed toe I like.
I don’t normally like flats with jeans on myself, but I think the pointy toe makes this work.

Now onto earrings!!!
I’ve always wanted these La Vie Parisienne ones, but they were pricey. Having said that, I’ve recently come into some good fortune, and decided I needed a treat. They’re super sparkly because of the Swarovski crystals, and I love the touch of pearls. Plus they’re super light.
I think I’m going to buy the gold version of these as well; I justify it with the fact that I cut my hair short, and you can finally see the earrings I’m wearing.

Now, I have an announcement. The good fortune I was talking about?
I’m going to Toronto in the fall to study film.

I can’t even describe how happy I feel; this was the university with the fashion program I couldn’t get into last year, the one that left me crushed when they waitlisted me and didn’t let me in. As upset as I was, as without a plan as I was, I discovered that fashion, though a passion of mine, probably wasn’t for me, which made me realise I need to have a career in film.
I’m nervous about moving, nervous about how much work the program will be, but I’m so excited I finally have the chance to go to university.

Oh, and to add insult/gloating rights, the university also accepted me into their journalism program. Where was all this last year?

Anyway, I’m excited to announce this on my blog, since I’ve had to keep it on the epic dl in real life; I’m not going to tell my job I’m leaving until after my family vacation in May.
So basically, I can’t tell them until June. No Facebook announcements for me.

What’s the best thing to happen to you lately?


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  1. I love the shoes, very cute but with a punky edge. :)

  2. Thank you!
    Yeah, my old studded flats are nearing the end of their life, so I thought it was an excuse to buy new ones.