Thursday, April 29, 2010

Haul; NYX

I’ve heard tons about NYX Cosmetics through the Youtube beauty community.
The verdict? Some of the best drugstore quality products out there.

I can only think of one grocery store that supplies NYX, and last week I happened to stumble in.
I ended up spending $35. So much for saving.
Anyway, $35 bought me four lip liners and a ten shadow palette. Not bad.

Coral, Pinky, Fuschia, Rose

What attracted me to NYX were the lip liners; they come in more colours than most luxury brands. In fact, this longing for NYX happened after asking a MAC artist which lip liner to buy for Vegas Volt lipstick, and having her tell me that “MAC doesn’t really make a lip liner for that shade.”
Well, bam, I found one.

Coral pencil is on the left, with MAC’s Vegas Volt on the right.
So if Coral fits Vegas Volt, I imagined I could match my other odd lipsticks.

Pinky pencil is on the left, then MAC’s Show Orchid.
I love this. Finally a pencil that suits my favourite shade of all time, Show Orchid.

Fuschia pencil is on the left, MAC’s Violetta is on the right.
Unfortunately, these aren’t a perfect match; Fuchsia is too pink. But they’re close enough, and they do look good together when blended.
I know it looks the same as Pinky, but I promise you it's a bit more purple/dark.

Rose pencil is on the left, MAC’s Viva Glam Lady Gaga in the middle, and MAC’s Angel on the right.
I bought Rose to match the majority of my pink lipstick.

I personally love these; though they’re not as smooth as a MAC pencil, they are a great deal at $4.99 per gram, versus MAC pencils at $15.50 per 1.45g.
I’d rather spend money on the lipstick itself than the liner.

Next I bought NYX’s Champagne And Caviar eyeshadow palette at the recommendation of a friend.

(Ha, you can see my dream catcher in the mirror’s reflection.)
It's a neutral palette, with a mix of matte shades and some slightly shimmery ones.

This type of thing is perfect for me; if I do eyeshadow, I either go full out with MAC’s Humid and Beauty Marked shadows, or I just do a neutral eye.
This from now on is going to be my go-to palette for eyeshadow.

You will need a primer for these shadows, I use Urban Decay Primer Potion, but they stayed on a full work day. The colour faded a bit in the crease, but even MAC shadows do that at times.

Again, I wouldn’t call them MAC quality, as they’re not as smooth or pigmented, but they are much better than anything Covergirl or Revlon is offering.
The only gripe I have is that the palette itself is really hard to open. Am I just weak?

Anyway, I’m happy I bought all this NYX. And I hear their false lashes are really good too.

Have you ever used NYX? What did you think?

Disclaimer: I bought this with my own hard-earned $35. Nothing was sent to me, and everything written is my opinion.


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