Tuesday, September 1, 2009

OOTD; Granville Island And A Family Dinner

I know, I've been away =(
My aunt flew in from Alberta on Thursday for my uncle's surprise 50th birthday party, so since then I've had numerous family obligations, dinners, etc. etc. Not that I mind though.
I did manage to get a few outfit of the days in between all the cleaning, board games, and trying to find a way to get my uncle out of his house at exactly 4:30 pm.

_ Dress from some boutique in Montreal
_ Jacket from New
_ Belt from H&M
_ Tights from American Apparel
_ Ring by Tarina Tarantino
_ Flats from Aldo
_ Leopard print sunglasses (Not shown)
_ Men's black laptop bag from H&M (Not shown)
_ Copious amounts of eyeliner

I debated posting this picture, since my outfit wasn't anything to write home about (Second old timey phrase I'm bringing back), but I loved how slanty the photo is. Plus I look sooo vacant, to the point where it's Hills standards.
On this day we went down to Granville Island to look at Native art, eat bagels, and such.
After that was the surprise party, and, honestly, I've got nothing of interest to say. The party wasn't bad, everyone had a good time, but it was a 50th birthday party.
I think that's enough said.

_ Gray t shirt from The Gap
_ Gray skinny jeans from Mavi

Metallic silver belt from Cherry Bomb
_ Crown necklace from girlprops.com; Rhinestone skull necklace from Mimosa; Rosary by Tarina Tarantino

_ Gray toque from H&M
_ Braided charms bracelet made by me
_ Assorted rings
_ iPod Classic_ Here Today... Aragon Tomorrow nail polish by OPI
_ Possibly too much eyeliner

I really liked this outfit. I was inspired by this outfit Russel Brand wears in 'Forgetting Sarah Marshall', which I had watched the night before for I think about the fifth time. Go see that movie. Seriously.
Anyway, this was taken the afternoon after the party; my cousins and aunt and uncle came over for dinner to our house. Much N64 and conversation ensued. We finished the night by watching videos of when we were little, AKA as toddlers up until age five or six. Not going to lie, I was pretty cute as a kid. Then I got to grade one and it all went to hell. I finally recovered in grade eleven. Maybe one day I'll post pictures? I don't want to subject anyone to that, though.

I know I need to update more regularly, but I've got some sweet posts planned, and a regular feature I'm going to introduce.

Question Of The Day; Should I get a Nintendo DS? Will I play it enough is the question. I have the Advance and the Colour, but I have to sit at awkward angles to play them, since they don't have built in lights. I hear the DS will solve those problems, and it comes in pink. On that note, I need to go play some Final Fantasy; Advance Tactics or some Golden Sun soon.

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