Monday, September 14, 2009

OOTD; God Heard My Weather-Related Prayers

_ Dress from Zara (The one I bought yesterday)
_ Leather jacket from New Look (Turns out the store I bought this jacket from is actually called New Look, not New. Fail on my part.)
_ Silver Belt from Urban Behaviour
_ Tights from H&M
_ Toque from H&M
_ Black flats from Aldo (The same ones from yesterday)
_ Gold locket
_ Gold and diamond ring from my Mom
_ 'Here Today... Aragon Tomorrow' nail polish by OPI

Today was cloudy, finally.
I went out to the mall to buy flat boots; I bought a pair of studded black ankle boots, and brown cowboy boots from, both from Spring.

Sorry for the kind of crap picture, but I'm not feeling the best today; I have a slew of things wrong with me (I'm going to the doctor tomorrow) and I had an anxiety attack on the skytrain coming home. I wrote in my Moleskin to calm myself down while on the seabus, but I was still shaky on the bus.

I am a hugely cynical person, and optimism isn't something that comes naturally to me.
But I do my best.

On the plus side, I wrote my first song in over a year on the seabus today.
It needs a bit of retouching, but it's finished for the most part.
I forgot how much I love writing poetry, and how much better it makes me feel.


P.S. I did my eyeliner perfectly today.

Question Of The Day;
Say one thing you're thankful for, or one thing that went your way. Not really a question, but I'd like to know.


  1. Eyeliner is awesome!

    QOTD: I'm thankful for living another day.

  2. You're my first comment ever!
    You seriosuly just made my day.


  3. I'm glad! =] I'll probably be annoying you now with my comments. But I like to comment, you know, so people know I appreciate them and stuff.

  4. Dude, seriously, annoy away.
    I wish more people would comment so I can know that SOMEONE is reading what I write.
    Because I really appreciate it.