Thursday, September 17, 2009


_ Lace dress from Topshop
_ Leather jacket from New Look (I know you're sick of it)
_ Red belt from Primark
_ Vintage scarf
_ Black tights from H&M
_ Flat boots from Spring
_ Black men's laptop bag from H&M (not shown, as always)

I wore this out to pass out some more resum├ęs.
(If it hasn't become clear yet, I'm unemployed)
It was super rainy yesterday morning, and by the time I got home, my hair made me look five shades of crazy, thus the covered face.
I got up early and transit-ed downtown, but nothing opened before eleven, so I had a nonfat caramel machiatto in Starbucks with a multitude of middle aged tourists, some who were incredibly rude to the baristas.
I don't go to your country and be mean to people, seriously.
Anyway, a homeless man thought my outfit was "lovely".

I changed when I got home so I could hang out with Elsie, my dog. A white lace dress is really not the best attire for playing with a 120 pound dog, even with one as sweet as Elsie.

_ Gray oversize graphic t shirt from Primark
_ Cutoff jean shorts from American Eagle (I cut them myself, thus the uneven-ness)
_ Black tights form H&M
_ Black cardigan from H&M

Elsie makes a cameo in this photo; I promised to walk her yesterday down to the library, but the rain was relentless.
It was all for the better though, because today I took her on a two hour and twenty minute walk with a friend of mine and her dog. She convinced me to go running with her and a bunch of our friends, oh god. We'll see how that pans out; I work out, but on my family's elliptical in the basement. Running on the road's a little different.

Question Of The Day;
Who's your style icon from a movie? Like, the character with the best style. I've been thinking about this lately, and I don't know who mine is; I recently watched 'Happy-Go-Lucky' which was OK, a bit boring, but Poppy, the main character had a crazy sense of style and wore heels with everything. I also love Shilo Wallace from 'Repo! The Genetic Opera'; everything she wore was very Victorian inspired. And of course there's Marilyn and Audrey.


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