Saturday, September 19, 2009

OOTD/NewHaircut; Haircut to Coffee to Job Application to Home

I haven't had my hair cut in a year.
I know, that's horrible, and yes my hair was dead. My excuse? I want to grow it out and have long, purple hair. Anyway, I decided to bite the bullet and get all the frizz and dead cut off.
When I woke up this morning, I looked like this:

See the damage? And after my trip to the salon, I looked like this:

I know I look less than enthralled in this picture, but the truth is I love it.
She cut a hell of a lot of hair off; the sides of my head (the part that I straightened the most, therefore the most dead) was massacred. All for the best, though.
It's kind of a fashion mullet thing; it's super layered, but I have a lot of length.
It's an actual hairstyle, and I haven't had one of those in about ten months.

After my hair cut, my mom announced that my aunt, uncle, and cousin from Vancouver Island would be over for coffee in twenty minutes. I changed into this:

_ Dress from Zara
_ Belt from Primark

_ Cardigan from H&M
_ Vintage scarf
_ Tights from H&M
_ Assorted silver/plastic rings

I know you've seen the same basic outfit before, but I just needed something comfortable to wear.

The three of them had a wedding to go to in the city, so they'll be staying the night here.
After coffee, they left for the wedding, and I went down to the mall to drop off a resumé; a friend of mine works in a shoe store, and said they needed a new employee. Of course afterwards I wandered into The Bay (Canada's department store) to lust at the MAC counter. If I get the job, I see myself drifting over there at many a lunch hours.
I can't help it, MAC's a cult. You don't even know how excited I am for the Style Black Collection.

Anyway, I replaced the cardigan with my leather jacket and wore ankle boots to go drop off the resumé. I needed to look slightly classier and/or hipster-y.

So there's my day thus far; I hope my family catches a late ferry home so I can show my cousin downtown Vancouver. She would freak out at Holt Renfrew.

Do any of you care about nail polish? I am completely obsessed with manicured nails, and I mean that in the actual meaning of obsessed, not the teenage girl meaning; I give myself a manicure every week, and I have a bit of a collection of OPI nail polishes. Right now I'm wearing Flashbulb Fuchsia by OPI; I decided I needed to get out of my dark nail polish rut. After watching 'Happy-Go-Lucky' my life desperately needed a bit of colour injected into it, and apparently obnoxious pink nail varnish does the trick.
I used to think this colour was too bright, but now I'm super into it. What do you think?

Question Of the Day;
What's your opinion on fake nails? My friend and I are going to go out to Richmond soon to buy a bunch of fake nails from Daiso, a Japanese store. I personally love them, and would love acrylics, but I know that most people hate them. They can be trashy, but I think they can also be cute.


P.S. I woke up this morning and this was dead and on my windowsill.

I wish this showed you how big it was; I swear to god it's legs were longer than toothpicks.
It freaked me the hell out, becasue do you know what that means?
This thing was in my room with me. All night.

P.P.S. I still can't stop listening to this.


  1. Nice hair cut! It reall suits you well. And I love that nail polish!! =] But I'm not so good with nail polishes though. Acrylic nails are amazing and I haven't tried fake nails. I suppose they work.

  2. The nailpolish is hot. Super POW!

  3. Gabbytmb;
    Don't deny yourself nail polish!
    You get addicted to having your nails done though; I've continually had my nails painted for three years. They look odd to me if they're not painted now -_-

    I literally went into a salon and said
    "I'm going to buy the most obnoxious colour I can find"
    And that's how it went.