Sunday, September 6, 2009

OOTD; Lazy Day

_ Purple hoodie from H&M
_ Leather jacket from New
_ Generic white wifebeater
_ Cheap Monday gray skinny jeans
_ Gray toque from H&M
_ Gray patterned Converse
_ Gucci glasses
_ 'Parlez-Vous OPI?' nail polish by OPI

This is such an off photo, Iolz. You get a sneak peek at my closet, and my lightswitch. You pull the little string to make the light go on and off; my parents got me that when I was little because I was too short to reach the actual switch.

Lazy outfit yesterday, but I thought it was kind of cute so I decided to post it. All I did yesterday was go to the doctor, work on this blog, and play Apples To Apples with my family. Make-up wise, I was wearing mascara (to keep my eyelashes from curling into my eyes) and powder (to keep me from getting too oily), and I filled in my brows. Once you start filling in your brows you can't not do it, at least I can't. My face looks off.

I cut my nails short a couple days ago, and I'm still getting used to it. I wasn't going to, but then my right thumbnail chipped, and it looked off having one short nail. I need symmetry.

I guess they're not that short, but that's as short as they go.
I love this nail polish, though. If you've never seen OPI's France collection, do yourself a favour and buy a couple or three. It's one of their best.

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