Saturday, September 26, 2009

OOTD; Spending Too Much On Vegetarian Food/Elsie's Birthday

_ Gray t shirt from The Gap
_ Leather jacket from New Look
_ Jeans from American Eagle (Unevenly cut into shorts)
_ Black tights from H&M
_ Vintage scarf
_ Leopard print sunglasses from Urban Outfitters
_ Flat ankle boots from Spring
_ Black men's laptop bag
_ 'Grey' nail polish by Barry M

Tons of drama yesterday morning.
My sister wanted to that Lady Gaga and Kanye West tour; I thought about going for Lady Gaga, obvs, but then realized I'd have to sit through Kanye West. Anyway, I kind of some what promised I'd buy her the tickets when they went on sale at 10 am. And I forgot about said promise, naturally.
Friday rolled around and I absentmindedly told my sister that I was catching the 10 am bus when she asked me where I was going that day. She reminded me about the tickets.

After much yelling and weighing the options on my part, I gave in and decided to miss my bus and be late to lunch with my friends. I called them and explained everything, of course; keeping rudeness to a minimum is a constant goal of mine.
So all in all, I'm a saint and my sister owes me. Plus I would have felt guilty is I didn't.

I caught the 10:30 bus and eventually met my friends at The Naam sometime around noon, possibly later. The Naam is a vegetarian restaurant that my mom claims to have been around for "about thirty years". I don't know if that's factual or not, but my mom said it, and she wouldn't lie to me.
I had the Thai Dragon Bowl which was amazing. Anywhere that can incorporate tofu into a meal and make it still delicious is good in my book.

Afterwards, one of my friends had to go back to university, while me and the other friends, Kelly, bussed downtown to do some shopping.

I've never named any of my friends on this blog. This is honestly because I don't know if they would want me to. Kelly, I'm going to put your name out there because A) you took the OOTD pictures and B) you managed to find this blog, so if you don't want your name out there, you can just tell me.

I saw the MAC Style Black collection.
I am disappoint.
I knew I wasn't going to buy any of the lipsticks, because I want to buy Lime Crime's Styletto lipstick when it comes out, but I at least thought the lipglosses would work. The two black lipglosses with shimmer were barely pigmented, and the pure black one just wasn't working. Kelly agreed with me on that. The mineralized eyeshadows were all right, but mineralized eye shadows just aren't as pigmented as MAC's regular eyeshadows.
So while I was deeply upset, my wallet was not, and I now have a spare couple of Canadian bills in my pocket.

This is when I gave Kelly my camera and told her to shoot some Outfit Of The Day Photos while I was walking. I was talking to her throughout the entire time, which is why my mouth is all contorted and giving me less than attractive faces.

We used to do photography together in high school; there are few people I'd ask to do the OOTD shots, just because everyone always tries to get me dead in the center of the photo, and then they'll awkwardly crop out my feet or something. Kelly learned the rule of thirds. My god, I love the rule of thirds.

Later than night, Kelly and two of our friends watched a couple movies together, 'X Men Origins: Wolverine' and 'X2'.
Many 'that's What She Said' jokes ensued.

'X Men Origins: Wolverine' was a basic action movie, which was disappointing, since I adore the X Men trilogy.
First strike against it: Dominic Monaghan dies within the first ten minutes.
They seriously just put that guy in stuff so he can die. Which sucks because I love him. He will always be Charlie to me.
('Not Penny's Boat' will always be one of the saddest moments in TV)
Afterwards we watched 'X2', which put the 'Wolverine' to shame; you can really see the bad in a movie when you watch an awesome movie after it.

Mystique and Magneato will always be my favourites.

And Xavier.

Today was a lazy day; I took a OOTD picture, but it's honestly too bland to post.
Not the outfit, I like it, but the photos themselves were such a fail.

It's Elsie's (my dog) birthday today!

She's two years old! Honestly though, it feels like we've had her forever; she's part of the family.

My mom, dad, and I took her on a walk down to the local Starbucks, thus why I got dressed.

Tonight I'm just going to read 'White Oleander' and watch the season premiere of 'Saturday Night Live'. Megan Fox is hosting. We'll see if her acting improves.


Do you watch TV a lot? What are your favourite shows? I don't know anyone who watches TV as much as me, but that's becasue I have a PVR. Before the PVR I only watched a few primetime shows. I don't know how I survived.

You'll hear me talk a lot about TV on this blog.


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