Thursday, September 24, 2009

OOTD; Taking The Canada Line!

_ Blue dress from Zara
_ Leather jacket from New Look
_ Silver belt from Urban Behaviour
_ Blue tights from American Apparel
_ Black beret from H&M (My first time wearing it)
_ Gold jade eye necklace
_ Ankle boots from Spring
_ Black men's laptop bag from H&M (Not shown)
_ Leopard print sunglasses from Urban Outfitters (Not shown)
_ Barry M nail polish in 'Grey' (Though my hands are in my pockets)

The dress folds that way, it's not my stomach -_-

I started my day, as any healthy young girl should, by going to the doctor. My doctor was in a good mood today, which is surprising because she's usually so surly.
After a quick bus ride home, I changed into this outfit (I'd just been wearing jeans, a t shirt, a scarf, and the jacket and boots you see above) and hurried off to meet my friend at the Canada Line station.

The bus driver didn't make me pay to go on the bus. Only me, though, not the old ladies.
Was he hitting on me, or did he just not want a bunch of change in the machine? I pay for the bus in quarters and dimes, so that's understandable.
It was an odd interaction, nonetheless.

The Canada Line is Vancouver's newest skytrain. Before it, it took two and a half hours to get to the airport from the city by public transit. I am not exaggerating, I've done it.
It was built for the Olympics, obviously, but has the awesome function of taking people from downtown Vancouver to Richmond, a city just outside of Vancouver.
I'm going to be blunt; a lot of Asian people live in Richmond. Do you know what that means? Asian malls! With Asian stores! And, most importantly, Asian food courts!
I don't know where else to buy egg balls but Aberdeen Mall.
So my friend and I Canada Lined down to Richmond to get egg balls

And cold milky tea.

A very nutritious lunch.
We also went shopping a Daiso, a Japanese store where everything is $2.00.
If you're visiting Vancouver, I highly recommend visiting Daiso; it really does have anything you could ever want. Today I bought a small canvas and some paint brushes. I contemplated the fake nails, but decided against them.
I don't want to destroy my natural nails with the nail glue.
Yes you can buy fake nails and art supplies in the same store. Madness.

It was awesome to sit and have lunch with one of my friends today; they're all so busy with the start of university, that it's hard to get to see them outside of a text message conversation. On the way home, we met two of our other friends on the bus. It's always awesome when you meet friends on the bus, instead of guys who ask you out continually for a year and half without getting it (I swear to god if I see that guy on the seabus one more time....).

Tonight my Dad's getting Subway and we're watching 'Survivor' and 'The Office'. I'm pretty stoked.
Did anyone watch 'Modern Family' last night? I really liked it. I felt that some parts were a bit forced, ie. the dad going overboard with the chatspeak, but I was sold when the gay husband brought out the baby 'Lion King' style.

What's something about the city you live in that you love? I used to hate Vancouver with a passion; I wanted to live in Toronto or Montreal. But after growing up a bit, I realized that Vancouver really is an amazing place to grow up; I don't know many other white kids who hang out at Asian malls, and I don't know many people who can see the ocean from their house.



  1. [Ottawa] I love Parliament Hill. I love the NAC. I love Live Rush tickets. I love my job. I love the wind. I love the trees. I love my apartment. I love my roommate. I love my colleagues. I love the Byward Market. I love Loblaws trips.

    [Vancouver] I loved the ocean. I loved the mountains. I loved the North Shore. I loved Downtown. I loved the Islands. I loved being able to pick between biking, skiing, kayaking, rowing, hiking, shopping.
    I love my friends.

    P.S. I love your writing style. It has evoked many a chuckle from me.

  2. Thanks so much <3

    "It has evoked many a chuckle from me."

    That is exactly something I would say, not only on this blog, but in really life.